How to Join

To apply for membership in 2014, click here and complete the application.


All nonprofit organizations that support the public health continuum are eligible to apply for membership. Members are approved by the Coalition’s Board of Directors. Our 2014 dues are tiered according to an organization’s size as follows:

• $4,000 per year for organizations with operating budgets exceeding $20 million.

• $3,000 per year for organizations with operating budgets greater than $1 million and less than $20 million.

• $1,750 per year for organizations with operating budgets less than $1 million.


Organizations that are ineligible for membership or cannot take full advantage of membership benefits may apply as affiliates. Affiliates are approved by the Coalition’s Board of Directors, and are subject to annual review for renewal. Affiliate dues are based on the type of organization, as follows:

• $500 per year for nonprofit organizations that do not have a “Washington presence,” e.g., they are located outside of Washington, D.C. area and do not have a representative in the Washington, D.C. area.

• $5,000 for for-profit entities.

Affiliates may receive the Coalition’s daily Member Updates, be listed on our website as affiliates, access our member management system, and gain visibility in Washington through sponsorship of Coalition events. Affiliates do not have a vote, per the Coalition’s bylaws; are not eligible and/or available to participate in the Coalition’s D.C.-based meetings; and may not serve on the Board of Directors.

For more information about membership, check out our membership brochure or contact the Coalition’s Executive Director, Emily Holubowich.


Who We Are

Established in 1970, the Coalition for Health Funding is the oldest and largest nonprofit alliance working to preserve and strengthen public health investments in the best interest of all Americans. Our member organizations together represent more than 100 million patients, health care providers, public health professionals, and scientists.


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